Oh Shit Customisable Vans Skate Shoes

Being a Middle Aged Creative, it’s crucial for me to keep up with what the cool young creatives are wearing. God forbid I become un-stylish! I see the sneaker of choice is a pair of scuffed up Vans. My preference has always been for a simple sneaker over the more technical looking ones, and that’s why Vans are right up my street.

The uber cool folks at Vans are well and indeed seducing me with their Customisable Vans Skate Shoes. Shit, this is going to cost me some money. I’ll be getting a pair for our daughter Tiger. I most definitely require a pair for skating and a pair for the everyday.

But First, Are We Creative?

The reason I wanted to write about the Vans Custom shoes and merch is. Many folks consider themselves to be ‘not creative’ and are fearful of any creative expression! But I think this is bullshit; creativity is interpreting the world in a manner that is unique to you as an individual. Creativity is a formula, not a magical gift that the chosen few posses. I’ll write a more in-depth post on what I believe creativity is someday.

If you feel you can design a pair of shoes, without ever going to art or design school, then why not! Congratulations, you are creative! If you need any help unlocking your Creativity and are a working Creative in-need of coaching or mentorship, do check out my Creative Coaching Programmes.

Online Customizer With 3d Rotating Render

The online Customizer tool is super dope, intuitive and very easy to use. First up is you choose whether you’re going to customise Men’s, Women’s, Kids or even a backpack!

Watch me create a pair of Pro-Skate Vans Shoes for myself.


Check Out My Back Pack + Shoes

I’m a huge fan of the black + white checkerboard, here I’ve added red trim. Reminds me of riding my BMX in the ’80s, even though I never owned a pair of crisp Van shoes and rode a shitty BMX, but I was there in spirit bro.



Super Super Dope Side Hustle

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