With 20 years experience in the Creative Space I wanted to start a physical product focussed business and settled on children's bikes. Im fortunate that I can apply first hand all the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years in business, creative, design and operations. We're a family business with a small and hardworking team and manage in-house all the many business aspects, including product design, website design, social and digital marketing, business strategy, logistics and fulfilment for both B2C / B2B relationships.

Im a strong believer that 'data smashes opinion' and therefore continually analyse the website data and make quick changes to respond to how the site is being used. When the site first launching it was more product focussed, but moving the forward we discovered more education was needed and created pages and 'how to' articles. Month on month our sales are in a steady increase, and through design and data analytics I managed to halve the homepage bounce rate from 80% to less than 40%.
The Happy Bikes brand has creativity running through its core DNA. Our brand is fun and slightly cheeky, the logo is a 'smily face', with a nod to the rave days of the 90's. Our chosen demographic is parents of young children, aged 2-6, who may or may not appreciate the reference, however, if not a happy face is still a cute logo choice for a brand called Happy Bikes  We understand that even though our 'consumer' is children we understand our 'customers' are adults and talk to them in a mature and educational manner, which is why you wont see any prince or princess, super hero type messaging in our design and communications.

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