Lee Powers - Multi Discipline Creative Based In Singapore.

A little bit about me.

I’ve always viewed life as an adventure, I love to discover and to learn. I’m never more excited than when I find something new to be excited about. I am totally curious and live to explore, create and collaborate.

I hope and feel one of my strongest qualities is allowing creativity and positivity to flourish in others, collaboration is the key to my Creative work flow.

If you have a project or opportunity you would like to discuss, or if you are a Creative on the look out for some advice and / or mentorship, please do reach out. Cheers Lee!

Drop me an email at hello[@]leepowers.com

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Lee Powers Founder and CGI Artist at Studio Powers - Studio Powers Is An independent CGI Studio Based in Singapore Specializing In Product Visualization.


Lee Powers is a Multi Discipline Creative based in Singapore

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