Lee Powers - Making Shit Look Great For Over 2 Decades!

Hi there, I'm Lee Powers, a Super Curious Creative. A Results Driven, Highly Agile Creative Professional with over twenty years experience in Visual Story Telling and Creative Leadership.

An expansive Creative career has allowed me to be an award winning Advertising + FAshion Photographer, a Creative Director in both e-Commerce (Lazada) & Agency (Havas), in addition to teaching Design (General Assembly) and running multiple e-Commerce businesses.

I simply love to be involved in Creativity, either executing myself (if I am the best option) or collaborating with other Creatives. I’m not precious about ownership, ideas are organic and come from everywhere. Ideas are easy, but, they become nothing without the right execution.

I feel I am in a constant Creative Beta, driven and super hungry for new skills and opportunities. Stuck at home in early 2020 I decided to self teach CGI. I have since returned to art school for a Diploma in Motion Design. Virtual Production and animating 3Dimensional CGI really excites me.

I no longer seek photography commissions, that chapter has closed, however, I am super proud of this body of work and channel this experience in to all future Creative projects.

Being in the heart of Creativity, executing and leading, mentoring and learning from super talented creatives, collaborating with dynamic clients is where i feel most comfortable and probably where i excel. I equally enjoy both the strategy and execution sides of a creative project.

Ive been lucky enough to live and work in my native London, New York City, Sydney and am now permanently based in Singapore with my young family. Able to work here.

Comfortable in the following Cinema 4D, Redshift, Vray, After Effects, Premier Pro, Adobe Suite, Most Cameras, Studio Lighting.

If you have a project or opportunity you would like to discuss, or if you are a Creative on the look out for some advice and / or mentorship, please do reach out.

email at hello[@]leepowers.com

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Lee Powers Founder and CGI Artist at Studio Powers - Studio Powers Is An independent CGI Studio Based in Singapore Specializing In Product Visualization.



Have a project or opportunity you wish to discuss?

Please do drop me an email e:hello{@}leepowers.com