Lee Powers - A Multi Discipline Creative Director Based In Singapore.

Hi there, I'm Lee Powers, a Super Curious, Multi Discipline Creative Director, with over 2 decades of Visual Story Telling + Creative Leadership.

An expansive creative career has been driven by 17 years as an advertising & fashion photographer, time spent as an e-Commerce Creative Director, an Agency Creative Director, in addition to teaching design and running multiple e-commerce businesses.

Being at the 'coal face' of creativity, executing, mentoring and leading and learning from super talented creatives and colloborating with dynamic clients is where i feel most comfortable and probably where i excel

In my quest to continualy learn new skills, at the start of 2020, stuck at home, I decided to self teach and learn CGI. As of March 2021, I have returned part time to art school, for a Diploma in Motion Design. Learning the principles of 2D and 3D design, and applying it in the context of moving visuals.

Currently based in Singapore and able to work here.

If you have a project or opportunity you would like to discuss, or if you are a Creative on the look out for some advice and / or mentorship, please do reach out.

email at hello[@]leepowers.com

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Lee Powers Founder and CGI Artist at Studio Powers - Studio Powers Is An independent CGI Studio Based in Singapore Specializing In Product Visualization.



Lee Powers is a Creative Director based in Singapore