Tom Hardy NFT

British mens fashion magazine FHM Collections commissioned Lee in the summer of 2005 to photograph an 'up and coming British actor' by the name of Tom Hardy.

It seems hard to belive but in 2005, Tom Hardy not the block buster star he is today.

Lee remembers 'Tom was super profesional and wanted to get the shoot finished as soon as possible, which i totally respected. We worked quickly and we finished within an hour'.

The shoot took place in a hotel screening room in Londons Soho. Originally captured using 5x4 160NC Kodak Portra Film on a Linhof Technika. The original negative was scanned and the image only now lives in digital form.

NFT comprising of a high res JPEG + Limited Edition DIgital Print available on Opensea using the Polygon blockchain.


Photography by Lee Powers

Title : Tom Hardy

Date : 2005

Location : Soho, London, UK

Tom Hardy - NFT Edition of 10.

All buyers receive;

-Jpeg File 2500 x 3500 pixels @ 300dpi.


-High Quality Digital C Type *Kodak Metallic Print Size 20 x 24 Inches shipped globally, un-framed in a solid tube.

*Kodak Metallic has a rich metallic base. The colours have a reflective, metallic and 3-dimensional feel. High mid-tones & highlights add luminosity & iridescence.


This portrait of Tom Hardy was created as part of a commission for FHM Collections Magazine.


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